ClickFunnels Review

In this post we’ll gonna show you a ClickFunnels review and the awesome features about it.

First ClickFunnels is created by Russell Brunson, an amazing guy that really knows how to create high converting funnels, landing pages, sales pages and more.

Russell started ClickFunnels project years ago and it’s alive until now due the highly amazing results this is delivering.


clickfunnels review

The image above is what you see after create your account, a beautiful dashboard.

I’ll be honest, ClickFunnels is truly expensive, they have two packages:

$97/month with limitation of visits and funnel creation.

or $297/month with zero restriction.

The price is a little higher than other softwares you have for do that, but trust me, all the features you see inside and the help of Russell to build your funnels, pay itself. (You can recoup your money in the month you signup and make much more than any other software you use or used in the past)


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels members have one goal: Create high converting funnels.

A funnel is a proccess where your customers go through to make a purchase and make more revenue for you.

But not only create amazing funnels (that are ready to go for you) for any niche, also, you can create high converting landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages and many more.

I recorded a full video on what you can do with ClickFunnels:


Now it’s comes in mind “is clickfunnels worth it”?

With limited tech knowledge, easily setting up WebPages are quite worthy but finally before setting up any business plan estimation of investment is done, the starting price for Clickfunnels is $97 monthly and the Full Suite will set you back by $297 per month and if you see what you are getting from this-

  • Ability to setup funnel pages quickly. Pages like Opt-in page, interstitial pages for up sells and cross sells, and the “thank you” pages can be quickly done. Otherwise for setting of pages required highly technical coding knowledge and regular basis maintenance required which may cost a lot.
  • All the good stuff about automation is somewhat possible with clickfunnels likes auto responder email feature. Otherwise If someone has subscribed to any auto responder will charge huge sums and depends whether there will be delay or not. Clickfunnel provide inbuilt integrated autoresponder Actionetic which boost up sales by sending targeted messages to the customer.
  • It is well known that whatever products we search on Amazon, eBay, etc (online shopping sites) latter on same ad will be showing in the news feed of the Facebook it’s called targeted ad to the specified viewer, just like its tracking you. Same happen with clickfunnel attract the customer by targeted messages and get insight your product.
  • You have a way to do A/B testing for every single page that’s a part of your funnel. Like do A/B testing for your main landing page, do A/B testing for even for your thank you page.
  • You have a way to create membership sites with Clickfunnels. After your leads signup, they can gain access to exclusive membership areas that you can create and maintain and start making desired funnel.
  • Clickfunnel is in integration with PayPal and Stripe. This allows you to accept the payment of yours products, services or membership sites at the end of the sales funnel.
  • Clickfunnels has features to allow you to recruit affiliates!

All these positive response makes this worthy “value for money”


Is Clickfunnels really good for you?


A person, who doesn’t like to touch code, doesn’t like to waste time building multiple pages, and want everything basic to happen from a single platform, Clickfunnels is awesome for that.

Clickfunnels tries to do too many things at once (and they mean well for you, Mr. Marketer and Mr. Entrepreneur).

But just because they threw a funnel pages builder, an affiliate program manager, analytics, and A/B testing together. For this reason, all these features could seem intimidating for first-time users.

Basic widgets include Headline, Image, Text, Button, Input forms and Video elements.

But you can also include more advanced elements like:

  • SMS Signup
  • Survey
  • Pricing Table
  • Video Unlocker
  • Facebook Comments
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Countdown Timers
  • Custom HTML


It’s all quite intuitive to use once you’ve played around with things a bit. The editor is quite impressive and strikes a nice balance between flexibility and ease of use. If you are selling a product, then you want to integrate with a payment processor.  ClickFunnels directly supports Backpack CRM, InfusionSoft and Clickbank. If you don’t use any of those services, then go for using the Stripe integration since it is free to sign up for and use.

In addition to helping you create each of the pages in your sales funnel, ClickFunnels also helps you track how each page in your funnel performs. At the top of each page, you can see in real-time the total number of visitors for each page in the funnel, how many visitors clicked on the next button of the page, and the conversion rate. You will also see a graph showing your stats over a specified time period.

Actionetics aims to be a replacement for your favourite email service provider. While some of its features are interesting, Actionetics still can’t compete with a full fledged email service provider like ActiveCampaign, Drip or Convert Kit.

Backpack, One of the best ways to boost the sales of your product is to have a great affiliate program that attracts some top affiliates in clickfunnel. Inside Backpack, you can add everything you need for affiliates to promote your product including affiliate links, email swipe copy, and banner ads.

ClickFunnels claim that you can build any type of funnel you can possibly imagine. Here are some of the different types of funnels you can create with ClickFunnels:

  • Lead Capture Funnels– Used to grow your mailing list.
  • Sales Page Funnels–Used to sell products and services, incorporating upsells/downsells/one time offers to maximise your profit per customer.
  • Webinar Funnels– Promote and get registrations for your webinars.
  • Online Courses– you can sell and host your online course entirely within ClickFunnels.
  • Membership Sites– Generate a recurring income by creating membership sites within ClickFunnels.


My ClickFunnels – Three Reasons to Use!


Since everything is having both side pros and cons

 ClickFunnels Pros:

  • Very easy to build complete automated funnels: As it has inbuilt many tools that makes you quite comfortable to make any desired pages.
  • Excellent free training: If someone watches keeping at the place of entrepreneur, for them learning any things is not a big deal to make a unique presence in society and doing good for them.
  • Creates beautiful looking pages very quickly: Very efficient, it’s all about simple drop and drag.
  • Conversion tracking and split-testing: For boost up of the sale and to improve results, it’s quite important.
  • Integrates with all the major email services: This provide real-time sending targeted messages with auto respond technique.
  • Links to payment processors within ClickFunnels, PayPal.
  • 14 day free trial — lets you test it risk-free.

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Requires some investment in time to learn fully: But the best time to plant the tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now by putting some investment to build up knowledge.
  • A bit more expensive than Thrive or Lead Pages: But does more with its inbuilt features.
  • Continuous subscription required to use your funnels: Everything comes with reason and need for the reason is developing, making you to achieve to higher level, reaching your desired destiny. If something you love to work, it’s your passion money will flow out and finally that subscription amount will seems a drop of water in front of sea.


ClickFunnels Review Conclusion

ClickFunnels is probably the best page builder and funnel builder available on the market right now.

The best thing you have about it is: You have full help and support, from Russell and his team…

Also you receive free training on how to build these high converting funnels, making it even more worth.

I want to be 100% transparent and honest with you but I love ClickFunnels…may that’s a reason that I don’t find anything bad about it, maybe the price is too high can be one of the cons. So if you don’t have money to use it, you can use an alternative.

But trust me, you can start your FREE 14 Day Trial and you’ll see yourself the difference between ClickFunnels and other confusion softwares. You never regret it!

Now go there and start to build your high quality funnels:


To your success,

Luan Henrique &!